Poster Exhibition

Latest Perspectives from Anthropology

PhD students and graduates from our department present their doctoral thesis projects in a poster exhibition.

Suzana Jovicic: Persuasive Design and Adolescents - Fostering Transparency through a Co-Created Serious Game

Doris Friedrich: Predators, People, Prey - Power relations in wolf-related conflicts in Austria and Norway

Olga Povoroznyuk: (Post-)Soviet Infrastructure - Social Dynamics and Identity Politics along the Baikal-Amur Mainline, East Siberia

Michael Anranter: Imaginaries Related to Transport - Insights from Northern Bulgaria

Katrin Kremmel: Governing Asylum in Rural Areas - Law in Practice and Citizenship in Action

Christof Lammer: Performing State Boundaries - Participation, Corruption, and the Making of Policy in China

Daniele Karasz: Reinventing the City. About Migrants and the Reuse of Urban Brownfields in Vienna

Alexandra Meyer: (Changing) Human-Environment Relations in Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Sigrid Wentzel: Designing difference - An ethnography of contemporary and late Soviet-era Sakha architecture

Andreas Streinzer: Reconfigurations of Provisioning - Austerity and Interdependency in Volos, Greece

Lisa Gottschall: Ethnic Fragmentation - Viennese "Racial and Folklore Research" in occupied Poland (1940-1944)