The “Institutsgruppe”

The “Institutsgruppe” is an open grass roots group, that represents the students of Social and Cultural Anthropology. The officially elected organ “Studienvertretung” has transferred all their responsibilities and obligations to the “Institutsgruppe”.

At this moment the “Institutsgruppe” consists of 5 to 10 active people, who are involved with different projects. As we want to continue, improve and extend our activities, we are welcoming every student that wants to take part actively or passively in the “IG”.The “IG” needs your help!

Decisions All decisions are consensual and are discussed in the plenum. The plenum takes place once a week. Decisions are written down and there is the possibility to object to each decision in the following plenum.

Grass roots democracy principles Our discussions have the objective of reaching consensus. There are no central speech-controlling mechanisms, like moderation or lists. Every participant of the plenum is encouraged to react to the group and take over moderation spontaneously should they notice a problem in communication. To facilitate the perception of such problems we make use of common non-verbal signs of grass roots democracy:

Transperancy All activity of the “IG” is written down and is available for everybody by request. We do not publish this data online to avoid misunderstandings that uncontextualized reading could cause.

current self-conception, 11.12.2013



Phone: +43 1 4277 980 8913

NOTES of COURSES (Ethnomitschriften)

Our tasks

  • Representation of the students
  • Critique and proposals to improve and change the curriculum of Cultural and Social Anthropology and the organisation of the department
  • Collect and publish all information concerning / related to the students


  • Organisation of events related to the study programme
  • Funding of projects and events

Areas of activity

  • “STV” – official functions
    • Finances
    • Nominating delegates for different official committees
    • Signing documents
  • Politics
    • discussing recent topics
    • formulating Statements from an anthropology perspective
    • think and do ideology
    • be activist
  • Ethnosymposium
    • A conference for all German-speaking students of Cultural- and Social anthropology/ethnology
  • Students’ guidance
    • advise Students
    • correspondence of the “IG”
    • Homepage
    • Forum
  • StuKo – Study Conference
    • Participating in the Study Conference about the current situation of the study programme and the curriculum
  • Jour Fixe
    • Participating in the Jour FIxe about the current situation of the department
  • First-semester tutoring
    • Organizing the welcome- and information events for the new students each semester
  • various event groups