We meet every Monday at 6pm in the student space - everyone is welcome!

IG KSA meeting

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If you ever wondered ...

... how to get in contact with other SCA students,

... how uni-politics works,

... when the next party will be organized,

then you should definitely come to our meeting!


In the winter semester of 2023/24, the meeting is taking place in presence, every Monday (on which there are also lectures) at 6pm in our student space - no prior notification necessary!

Student counceling

If you have any kind of question regarding your SCA studies, just write us an email oder show up at one of hour councelling hours in the student space. It doesn't matter if its about some technical formalities, or if you're unsure what to lectures to pick, or if you have some trouble with teaching staff - we're your first place to go. We are students of SCA ourselves and are happy to help!

Counceling hours

Winter semester 2023/24

Tuesday 12-2pm

Instagram & AnthroPost

If you don't have time to come to our meetings but still want to stay informed from us, then please subscribe to our instagram channel and check out our AnthroPost newsletter.

On our instagram channel, we post mostly about events that we're planning: maybe some discussion evening, a big party, or a just a spontaneous evening out. The AnthroPost is sent out once per month per mail and covers an extensive list of events, calls and appeals that are relevant to SCA students. Every SCA student should receive the AnthroPost automatically, but if you don't receive it, you can subscribe to it manually.

Our Student Space

The Student Space is our little common living room at the department of SCA, open for all SCA students. You find it in NIG, 4th floor, halway C - right around Hörsaal C, the door with the magpie. In the student space you'll find some couches to relax, and an improvised kitchen, with public microwave, fridge and coffee maker. Beyond that, it's just the perfect place to get to know other SCA students and listen in to the newest gossip!