EnMoTe - Environments, Mobilities, Technologies

EnMoTe delineates a field of anthropological inquiry focusing on human-environmental relations, including built environments and infrastructures, as well as on the flows and movements of human and non-human beings, things, and ideas. The two regional focus areas are 1) the circumpolar North and other remote “resource frontiers,” and 2) the former Soviet Union and other post-socialist areas. While our team consists primarily of anthropologists, EnMoTe acknowledges the necessity to work with scholars from other social science disciplines, the humanities, arts and natural sciences in order to properly understand the world we live in.

Hard Facts

Project Leader: Peter Schweitzer

Staff: Gertrude Saxinger (PostDoc Researcher), Sigrid Schiesser (PraeDoc Researcher)

Administration: Ilja Steffelbauer