Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Janina Kehr

Professor of Medical Anthropology and Global Health
Head of Department
Member of the Institutional Review Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Contact Details

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Universitätsstraße 7 (NIG), A-1010 Vienna
Room: B0418

T: +43 1 42 77 49529
E-Mail: janina.kehr@univie.ac.at

Office Hours

Individual appointment after previous registration via e-mail to miriam.schwaiger@univie.ac.at

Office hours are currently held either in-person (following the current Covid-guidelines) or online per Zoom. 


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Research Focus Areas

  • Political anthropology of health and illness
  • Global infectious diseases, biopolitics and planetary health
  • Hospital spaces and places
  • Healthcare and the economy
  • Biomedicalization, pharmaceutical consumption and the environment

Short Biography

Janina Kehr is Professor of Medical Anthropology and Global Health at the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna. She studied ethnology and political science at the University of Göttingen and the University of California Santa Cruz. In 2012 she did her doctorate with a co-tutelle de thèse at the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales Paris and the Humboldt University Berlin. Between 2011 and 2017 she was assistant and senior assistant in the interdisciplinary context of medical humanities at the chair for medical history at the University of Zurich. Before she came to Vienna, she researched and taught between 2017 and 2020 as an SNSF Ambizione Research Fellow at the Institute for Social Anthropology at the University of Bern.

She works and publishes on time politics, moral economics and the environmental impact of biomedicine and public health. She is currently working on a book on Medicine in Times of Austerity in Spain, which will focus on public health infrastructures and care practices at the intersection of debt economies, government bureaucracy and everyday experiences.

"In a globalized world where people and pathogens are deeply entangled, medicine and care are central aspects of everyday life, whose challenges for individuals and societies I investigate in their wider relations to politics, the economy and the environment."


Selected Publications

  • 2021 “Spectacular Infrastructure: Madrid’s Pandemic Hospital between Public Spectacle and Speculation” Somatosphere. Science, Medicine and Anthropology http://somatosphere.net/2021/spectacular-infrastructure-madrid-pandemic-hospital.html/
  • 2021 “The Hospital Multiple. Introduction” & Fanny, C. Somatosphere. Science, Medicine and Anthropology http://somatosphere.net/2020/hospital-multiple-introduction.html/
  • 2021 “Spectres de la tuberculose: Une maladie du passé au temps présent“ Presses Universitaires de Rennes
  • 2020 “Colonial Hauntings: Migrant Care in a French Hospital” Medical Anthropology 7, 8 (2020)
  • 2020 “For a more-than-human public health” BioSocieties 15 (2020) p. 650-663
  • 2020 “Santé globale et humanités médicales critiques: Enseigner l’histoire et l’anthropologie de la santé aux étudiant.e.s en médecine” & Vagneron, F., Humanités Médicales: Des sciences sociales aux transformations de la medicine. Céline, L., Thoreau, F. & Alexis, Z. (ed.). (2020) p. 143-148
  • 2020 “Toward the Otherwise: Medicine, Anthropology, Politics” Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 145 (2020) p. 25-44
  • 2020 “Valuation Struggles: Rethinking the Economy in Times of Crisis: A Conversation with Susana Narotzky, Patrícia Matos, and Antonio Maria Pusceddu” & Gerhild, P. & Corinne, S., Tsantsa: Revue de la Société Suisse d'Ethnologie 25 (2020) p. 175-186 https://doi.org/10.36950/tsantsa.2020.025.18
  • 2019 “Transfigurations of Health and the Moral Economy of Medicine: Subjectivities, Materialities, Values” Meillan-Kehr, J., van Eeuwijk, P. & Dilger, H., Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 143 (2019) p. 1-20
  • 2019 “’It’s also the System’: Republican Dilemmas in French Tuberculosis Prevention” Anthropological Approaches to Tuberculosis. Ian, H. & Helen, M. (ed.). London: Routledge, p. 88-105
  • 2019 “Se plaindre des soins dans l’Espagne de l’austérité” Mouvements 16 (2019) https://doi.org/10.3917/mouv.098.0032

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