Biziukova, Volha

PhD Candidate, Research Team Member

Research Focus Areas

  • Middle Classes
  • Consumption
  • State and statehood
  • Nationalism and ethnicity

Short Biography

Volha Biziukova is a PhD candidate at the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology. The topic of her PhD project is "The changing consumption practices and consumption policies of the state in Russia: socio-political subjectivities and the modes of citizenship of the new middle classes". The research focuses on the responses of the new middle classes to the new consumption policies introduced amid the economic crisis and approaches this process as an entry point to look at their relationship with the Russian state. This research project has been supported by the Uni:doc fellowship and the Marietta Blau Grant. Currently, Volha Biziukova is a visiting fellow at the IWM (Institute for Human Sciences). She received her MA from the Central European University, Budapest.