KSA student's council

The elected student's council at the Department for Social and Cultural Anthropology transferred their mandate to a grassroots council, the IG KSA. Currently, the five elected representatives and between five to ten other persons are active in numerous different projects. We're happy about every student, who wants to participate!


Decisions are made by reaching consensus in the IG plenum. The plenum is held once per week. Decisions are documented in a protocoll, and can be appealed in the following plenum.

Principles of grassroots democracy

The IG KSA (Institutional Group Social and Cultural Anthropology) is a so called "Basisgruppe", a grassroots collective. Thus we follow principles of emancipatory bottom-up organizing, feminism, antiracism, antifascism, antiheteronormativity. We are independent of political parties. More information can be found at https://www.basisgruppen.at/ (unfortunately only in German).

What we do

  • Representation of students'
  • Participation in different university commissions
  • Counseling for students
  • Information for students about university politics at our institute
  • Organisation of events for students of Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Support and Sponsor different student projects

What we stand for

  • For diverse and participatory didactics in our curriculum
  • For student-friendly teaching staff
  • Open access to university structures for students
  • In general: for taking the critical stance of our subject seriously!