Bewildering Borders. The Economy of Conservation in Africa

Werner Zips & Manuela Zips-Mairitsch (eds)

Transfrontier conservation challenges African borders, the "colonial scars of history". The global tourism industry has discovered the potential of African borderlands for adventure travel. Iconic animals and indigenous cultures are marketed in the same breath, often evoking stereotypical images of "Wild Africa". Can ecotourism and ethno-tourism be commended as viable panaceas for environmental protection and development? The marketing of nature and culture raises important questions on the meaningful inclusion of local communities as tourism entrepreneurs. Living museums and cultural villages are emerging as start-ups of local communities. They commodify ethnicity albeit on their own terms. This volume debates the economy of conservation, providing diverse perspectives on an issue of great contemporary relevance.

Werner Zips & Manuela Zips-Mairitsch (eds)

2019. LIT Verlag. Reihe: Legal Anthropology and Indigenous Rights.
Bd. 4, 408 S., 29.90 EUR, 29.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-91090-5