Europe-Asia research platform on Forced Migration


A new research collaborative that is directed by Ayse Caglar

Ayse Caglar will be directing a two-year research platform on Forced Migration with a particular focus on South Asia and its European-Asian Dimension at IWM, where Ayse Caglar is a permanent fellow. This is a research collaboration with Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (CRG) in Calcutta, which aims to advance cooperation between European and South Asian institutions and academics, while working toward setting up a joint research platform for innovative knowledge production on forced migration and border regimes. In addition to research, this half a million Euro research grant envisions series of activities and workshops, which will be held in Vienna and Calcutta (see open call for application) to enhance research capacity, facilitate exchange of knowledge, and policy expertise in forced migration studies in and between Europe and South Asia. Bringing together scholars, policy makers and practitioners from different disciplines and regions, the platform aspires to have a global perspective by decentering Europe-focused scholarship, debates, and policies on forced migration. It benefits from ongoing projects on Europe’s Futures, and networks evolving from workshops such as “The Global Compacts on Refugees and Migrants and the Architecture of Global Politics of Migration” organized in and by IWM as well as the Cities and Human Mobility Collaborative at the Zollberg Institute on Migration and Mobility at the New School for Social Research and “The Challenges of Urban Futures” at the University of Vienna.

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