Alexis Sancho-Reinoso, PhD


Contact Details

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Schottengasse 10, 1010 Vienna

T: +43-1-4277-49583

Research Focus Areas

  • Quantitative and qualitative spatial research incl. Cartography
  • Cultural landscapes (history, development, social significance)
  • Rural development in relationship to regional development
  • Toponymy, Linguistics and Geography
  • Climate-friendly and sustainable research activities

Short Biography

PhD in Geography, Spatial Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Barcelona. Thesis lecture in 2011 with the project titled "rural change, landscape transformation and territorial policies in «la Terreta» (Spanish Pyrenees)". Staff member (pre-doc) at the University of Barcelona (Dept. of Geography), 2007-11. Internship at the Federal Institute of Less-Favoured Mountain Areas (BMNT), 2012-13. Scientific staff member (Post-doc) at the Centre for Global Change and Sustainability (BOKU University, Vienna), 2013-16. Scientific staff member at the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development (ÖIN), 2016-17. Project staff member in bilateral research projects (AT-RO, AT-CZ), 2014-18. Since 2018: staff member at the Tourism School of the University of Barcelona (CETT-UB); scientific staff member (Post-doc) at the Dept. of Social and Cultural Anthropology (University of Vienna).

Since 2007: Participation in 6 third party funded projects and in over 25 international scientific conferences; completion of 2 research stages (Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu; KFU, Graz). Organisation of 5 international seminars/conferences. Since 2012: 6 published papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals; 4 chapters of books; 2 policy papers. 

Selected Publications

  • Sancho Reinoso, A. (2017): "Rurizad lo urbano: urbanizad lo rural". La Geografía y la Ordenación del Territorio ante La España vacía / "Ruralise the urban, urbanise the rural". Geography and Spatial Planning dealing with the "empty Spain", Ería, 1 (nueva época), 45-50. [online]
  • Sancho Reinoso, A., Kovács, E.M. (2017) "A vision on more sustainable Eastern European rural areas. Some lessons from Romania". En: Jordan, P. (ed.): New Development in the Rural Spaces of Central and East Europe.Proceedings of the Meeting of the Working Group on Central Europe, September 30, 2015. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences, p. 345-365. [online]
  • Sancho Reinoso, A. (2013). Land abandonment and the dynamics of agricultural landscapes in Mediterranean mountain environments: the case of Ribagorça (Spanish Pyrenees, EU). Erdkunde, 67/4, p. 289-308. [online]
  • Sancho Reinoso (2013). Raumplanung im Berggebiet – Instrumente, Akteure und Auswirkungen. Ein Vergleich zwischen den spanischen Pyrenäen und den österreichischen Alpen. Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft, 155, p. 220-242.
  • Sancho Reinoso, A.; Paül, V., Tort, J. (2013). Paisajes agrarios en conflicto. El caso de la floricultura en el Baix Maresme (Barcelona). Scripta Nova (XVII), 638. ISSN: 1138-9788 [online].
  • Tort, J., Sancho Reinoso, A. (2014). Toponyms as landscape indicators. In Montagut, M. & Tort, J. (eds.): Names in daily life. Proceedings of the XXIV ICOS International Congress of Onomastic Sciences. Barcelona: Generalitat de Catalunya, p. 1987-2016. ISBN 978-84-393-9162-3.[online]

Participation in the following third-party funded projects (since 2014)

Configurations of Remoteness (CoRe): Entanglements of Humans and Transportation Infrastructure in the Baykal-Amur Mainline (BAM) Region

PI/LP (institution): Prof. Peter Schweitzer (University of Vienna)

Funding agency: FWF (Austrian Research Funds)

Period: 2017-2019

Task: Coordination of the Component X: The view from above: patterns of identity and mobility

EMbleMatiC (Emblematic Mediterranean Mountains as Coastal Destinations of Excellence)

PI/LP (institution): Alain Gensane (Syndicat Mixte du Canigó)

Funding agency: EU (Interreg Program)

Period: 2017-2019

Task: Developing a marketing brief and evaluating the application of an eco-product for 9 mountain tourist destinations.

SAMOA – Sustainablity Assessment of Mobility for Austria

PI/LP (institution): DI Bernhard Fürst (TRAFFIX Verkehrsplanung GmbH)

Funding agency: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG); Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)

Period: 2016-2018

Task: WP coordinator. Research on sustainability indicators of mobility and development of an assessment scheme for mobility agents.

WOGE – Smartes Wohnen für Generationen

PI/LP (institution): Dr. Katharina Kirsch-Soriano da Silva (Caritas Stadtteilarbeit)

Funding agency: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG); Austrian Climate and Energy Funds

Period: 2016-2017

Task: WP coordinator. Research and development of a handbook on participation and communication methods to elderly.

The politics and poetics of toponymy, identity and place in multilingual areas. A comparative study of Carinthia (Austria) and the Těšín area (Czechia)

PI (Institution): HR Prof. h.c. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Peter Jordan (Austrian Academy of Science)Funding agency: FWF (Austrian Research Funds)

Period: 2016-2018

Task: Project staff member (field research, conducting and transcribing interviews, analysis of questionnaires, media analysis, linguistic landscape survey).

Geographical and administrative management of political borders: the role of law, territory and politics in the legal constitution of “border municipalities”

PI (Institution): Prof. Dr. Joan Tort i Donada (University of Barcelona)

Funding agency: Catalan Public Administration School

Period: 2016-2017

Task: External collaborator; Benchmarking on examples from Austria.

JPI Climate Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

PI (Institution): DLR- Project Management Agency (PT-DLR)

Funding agency: European Commission (FP7)

Period: 2013-2015

Task: WP coordinator. Development of a set of guidelines on Open Knowledge for Climate research. Accompanying program for research projects; focus on open and climate-friendly research.

Examples of successful regional development in Romania's and Austria's rural space. Research into factors of their success and transfer possibilities to other areas in these countries

PI (Institution): HR Prof. h.c. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Peter Jordan (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Funding agency: OeAD (Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research)

Period: 2014-2015

Task: Project staff member (field research, conducting and transcribing interviews)

Lectures (or similiar)

Type of event: Public lecture

Title: Wandel von Gesellschaft und Landschaft in den Pyrenäen. Relevanz für die österreichischen Alpen

Institution: Federal Institute of Less-Favoured Areas

Date / Place: 2012, November 12 / Vienna


Type of event: Cycle of conferences for non-experienced public about different topics concerning Catalonia’s geographical, social and economic features

Title: 10 to 15 Lectures on different topics (Geography of Catalonia and its counties); Groundings of Spatial planning.

Institution: University of Barcelona

Date / Place: 2007 - 2011, Barcelona


Type of event: Public lecture on my PhD project on site

Title: „Rural Change, landscape transformation and territorial policies in «la Terreta» (Spanish Pyrenees)“

Institution: Centre d’Estudis Ribagorçans (cultural association)

Date / Place: 2011, August 6 / Espluga de Serra, Spain