'Linked to Ink'


The ethnographic shortfilm 'Linked to Ink' (by Jörg Oschmann and Iris Omari Ansong) was selected for the 'Days of Ethnographic Film' in Ljubljana (SLO).

1st - 4th March 2017, Ljubljana

Out of more than 350 submissions from around the world 27 films were selected for the main program and student section. 

With "Linked to Ink" the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology Vienna will be represented at this year's edition of the festival.

"Linked to Ink"
A well educated urban middle class living in Vienna and their perceptions of and ties to tattoos are examined in "Linked to Ink" (15 min., A, 2016, HD) by methods of qualitative social research. Based on the stories of the protagonists a complex narrative about individual motifs and meanings of this permanent kind of body modification unfolds. The film reveals a selection of sociocultural realities in which – in contrary to conservative assumptions - tattooing has developed into an individualized form of art and representation.

Jörg Oschmann and Iris Omari Ansong are currently finishing their BA at the department. Moreover, Jörg Oschmann is running the editing suite (Videoschnittraum) of the department, supporting students and staff realizing their visual projects. 

Days of Ethnographic Film
is dedicated to the ethnographic films, which are made by anthropologists and ethnologists, but also by documentary filmmakers. Ethnographic film flourished in the scientific field of anthropology and ethnology, where realistic property of film medium was enthusiastically accepted and later gradually formalized in special methods and approaches. Some of this legacy was simultaneously or interchangeably developed by documentary filmmakers, who believed in similar aesthetics ideals and had the same ethic principles, for instance authors who used observational, cinéma vérité or direct cinema styles.