Lecturers Representatives


The representatives for lecturers’ interests at the department of Cultural and Social Anthropology

Sabrina Kopf       Igor Eberhard       Claudia Trupp



Anja Fischer

We organise frequent meetings of lecturers for Cultural and Social Anthropology. Everyone is welcome to get involved.

We want to shape the institutional policy, particularly in the present, precarious times.


Last meeting: November 7, 2017 ; 19h

Next meeting:

"Christmas Party of Lecturers":

 December 5, 2017; 19h

Puerta del Sol, Lange Gasse 5, 1080 Wien

Our Tasks

We represent...

 ...the interests of lectures at the department of cultural and social anthropology, e.g.:

  • Conflict resolution assistance
  • Transparent awarding of teaching contract
  • correct contract processing
  • adequate salaries
  • improved working conditions
  • sufficient infrastructure

We are...

 ...the intersection of lectures with

We support...

...the flow of information by attending relevant meetings of

  • the department
  • the directorates of studies
  • the university

Contact Details

for concerns, suggestions, etc.

by lecturers, students, etc.


Send an e-mail to: externenvertretung.ksa@univie.ac.at