CREOLE Intensive Program Keynote Speech

June 28th 2021, 2pm CET on Zoom

The CREOLE Joint Master program provides students with a sound understanding of the interconnectedness of local environments and transnational, global, social and cultural processes. The program foresees student mobility as one of its central elements. Through the Intensive Program, students are prepared for their exchange at one of the CREOLE partner universities. The Intensive Program 2021 features “Migrations and Flows” as its central theme and Shahram Koshravi’s keynote lecture as a public event.

introduced by Prof. Ayşe Çağlar

Professor Shahram Khosravi

University of Stockholm

Back to square one again

Alongside techniques of bordering that operate through immobilising and confinement, keeping people continuously on the move is also a mechanism of control society. Circulation and ensuring that things are always in movement is an efficient regime of management of population and space. People are sent back and forth between reception camps and removal camps, between asylum seeking and deportability, between countries, between legislations, between institutions and between periods of waiting. Using cases from the Middle East and Europe I will focus on this aspect of control over the flow of people and goods.