The IG KSA Feedback-Campaign

We, the IG KSA, want to improve the feedback culture of our institute! We repeatedly received complaints by students that they didn't receive feedback on their seminar papers. We give this criticism as input to the Stuko (the curricular advisory board of the institute), where we try to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone. But it is also important to show what is not acceptable to us students! Please support us by filling out our questionaire.

IG KSA - Feedback Support

Many faculty say that they would be willing to give feedback if they were asked. To simplify this for you, we created this email template. Just copy it, change the seminar title, name, and titles, and add more specific feedback requests as you see fit.


This semester I attended your seminar SEMINAR TITLE, and wrote a paper for it. I would be very glad if you could find the time to explain to me your assessment of my work. I would be very interested which parts of my work were good, and what mistakes to look out for in the future.

Thank you very much in advance and with kind regards,