Politics and International Relations (PIR) Distinguished Scholar Series - Annual Lecture


The International Politics of the #MeToo Movement: Are They Now Merely Yesterday?

Cynthia Enloe

31.03.2021, 17:00 Uhr, online

Dear colleagues,

We’re very happy to announce that registration for our third annual PIR Distinguished Scholars Series, featuring Prof. Cynthia Enloe giving a talk ‘The international politics of the #MeToo movement: Are they now merely “yesterday”?’ on 31 March at 5:00pm, is now open. You may register at this link.

Additionally, we have a series of amazing activities lined up as a part of DSS, many thanks to our collaborators, such as BJPIR, CRITQUE, IRRG, CeSeR, GenderED, and GPRG:

‘Revisiting Cynthia Enloe’s “Nimo’s War, Emma’s War”’ on 22 February 1pm (open to all), hosted by IR study Group and CeSeR

  • Speakers: Our very own Nida Alahmad, Emilia Belknap, Claire Duncanson, Ben Martill, Andrew Neal, Rebecca Tapscott
  • Join via this link (Meeting ID: 845 7220 6788; Passcode: XDtaNCv4)

‘Doing feminism: A conversation between Cynthia Enloe and Roxani Krystalli’ on 26 March 4pm (open to all), hosted by CERITIQUE on

‘Cynthia Enloe Symposium’ on 31 March 1pm (open to all), hosted by BJPIR and Gender and Politics Research Group
Join us for this online symposium focusing on how Cynthia Enloe's scholarship has shaped our fields of study. Our panel world-renowned speakers will reflect and discuss various aspects of Professor Enloe's body of work. 

  • Speakers: Claire Duncanson (University of Edinburgh), Marsha Henry (London School of Economics and Political Science), Swati Parashar (University of Gothenburg), Laura Sjoberg (Royal Holloway University of London and University of Florida), and Patrick Thaddeus Jackson (American University)
  • Register at this link.

Navigating the academia as women: Insight from Enloe on 1 April 3pm (open to academic staff and PGR students)
We will start off with a short introduction and some brief reflections as women members of the academy. The session will then focus on a Q&A with Enloe who will share her insights as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field. Participants will be welcome to pose questions and can expect an open and intimate conversation on navigating academia as women.

Meet & Greet with Cynthia Enloe on 1 April 4pm (open to all students)
This session will provide an opportunity for students to directly interact with Prof Enloe. We look forward to this opportunity to welcome questions from students to ask Cynthia Enloe about her feminist teachings and research.


Registration for general public is open from February 15th onwards.