Vernissage: Artists' Waste, Wasted Artists


19.09.2017, 18:00 Uhr

Mican Offspace, 02. Kleine Mohrengasse 3

An art exhibition curated by students of social anthropology at the University of Vienna, featuring artworks of more than twenty contemporary artists and engaging critically with contemporary artworld, questions of value creation and the work of art in the age of its real subsumption under capital.

Featured artists:

Hermann Nitsch
Christian Ruschitzka
Anna Stangl
Leo Schatzl 
Ursula Hübner
Thomas Olah
Aria Vooria
Sabine Hauswirth
Peter Moosgaard
Anna Bochkova
Bernhard Weber
Bernhard Rappold
The 'Unknown' 
Arna Lísa 
Klaus Peter Scheuringer
Maren Jeleff
Lavinia Lanner
Beate Seckauer
Dornwittchen: Claudia Virginia Dimoiou & Szymon J. Olsowski
Michael René Sell 
Katrin Zobl

The exhibition opening will feature a talk by Robert Pfaller and performance by Hikuri Performing arts & visuals by Dornwittchen, followed by DJ and dance. After the exhibition talks the event is going to be featured with music by DJ Matheus.

The exhibition is organized within the framework of the course 'Making Ethnographic Exhibitions', supported by the University of Vienna and in collaboration with the Austrian Film Archive.


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